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The Odyssey
How Odysseus choose his words to convince Nausicaa to help him? When Odysseus suddenly appeared to Nausicaa and her girls in a frightful, naked appearance, he had to quickly think of smart way to introduce himself and to assure Nausicaa that he mean no harm. He had to choose between either touching Nausicaa knees as was the custom for suppliant seeing help, or maintain his distance and find proper words to address Nausicaa of his need. Since the fact that he does not know the custom of those people who reside in the island and whether they are kind to strangers or not and the fact that he was strange and naked in front of Nausicaa, he decided to hold back and use sweet words to address Nausicaa. In a way of a man who knows how to address a girl and empress her, he appealed to Nausicaa flattering her by mentioning her beauty and comparing it to goddess’s beauty. What does Odysseus say to convince the phaeacian nobles to help him return home? After Odysseus convinced Nausicaa to help him, she directed him to go to the palace of Alcinous and meet her father. When he reached the palace he appealed to the king through his wife, Queen Arête throwing his arm around her knees and saying: “…….Grant me but this: a speedy passage home, For I have suffered long, far from my people”. (Homer 7. 155-160). Before the Queen answers him, King Alcinous shows him hospitality and good welcome. Odysseus stays among the Phaeacian for a period of time in which he gain great respect by speaking with them politely, telling his story, and unintentionally showing them his strength.
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