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Library is derived from the old French term “librairie” which means “a collection of books”. A Library is a collection of books and other information material. Reading materials in school are stored in libraries. Library is a place in which books and related materials are kept for use but not for sale. It is also organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution or a private individual.   In addition, it is a place in which we get information in any format and from many sources.. This is where students and teachers find books, encyclopedias, periodicals, newsletter, magazines, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, journals, pamphlets and other printed references. It provides free services for them so they could use every reference they need. It also provides assistance from the librarian to make it easier to look for the reference that they will use. The library is a significant resource of any school. It provides services and facilities necessary to meet the instruction, information and research need of the school. In order for the library to smoothly operate huge amount of information, a system must be established. Most libraries also have a circulation system, which keeps track of the books, which have been checked out and returned. To use the books, students need a library card. It contains information of the students such as the full name, student number, course, as well as the student’s picture. They need to fill up on the library card the account number and the call numbers of the book together with the date they borrowed the book. Background of the study

In the aim of the universities to supply the necessary materials to their students, the idea of library management system is introduces. This involves the utilization for processing, accessing and retrieving the information that can effectively support the process of student’s learning, The proponents will propose a prototype Computerized Library System. At first the proponent’s study was what is which encounter to the Library by the user (students/faculties), Librarian and how the Owner or the Administrator of the said school will provide a good service to their clients to have a good feedback. The study will focus on transaction which done inside the library like borrowing, returning and reserving of books by students, faculties and staffs, and the inventory of the books by the librarian. Borrowing, returning, reserving, and inventory of the books is the main focused of the system.

Statement of the problem
General Problem
How to develop a system that will monitor the Inventory and Availability of books in the library and improved its student transactions?

Specific Problem

1. How to provide a module for searching that will determine the availability of book?
Searching of books in catalog is not a problem but the availability of the book is a possible problem may encounter because card catalog does not indicate if the book is available for reading or borrowing.

2. How to provide an automated generation of card catalog?
Card catalog is a time consuming. It took many procedures in order to generate a card catalog especially when a new batch of book is acquired.

3. How to develop module will accurately generate reports?
Librarian consumes a lot of time preparing reports because a manual system does not automatically monitors the transaction done in library and other reports are not monitored.

Objective of the study
General Objective
To develop a Computerized Library System that will improve the monitoring of books and students library transactions. Specific Objective
1. To provide module that will automate the searching of books. This will help the user to search books availability in the library. 2. To provide a module that will automate generation of card catalogs. This will help the user to update the books in the...
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