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12.1 Which specific types of team processes are most relevant to ramp crews? Which factors in the ramp crew context likely cause the majority of problems with communication? Before answering the question, I would like to clarify what is team processes. According to the lecture note of Dr. Victoria Ashiru teamwork processes are the interpersonal activities that facilitate the accomplishment of the team’s work, but are not directly related to task accomplishment. In my opinion, in the case of United Airlanes, transition team process is more relevant to the ramp crews. The first reason why I think transition team process is most related to ramp crew is because majority activities implemented by crew is focused on preparation for future work which means all jobs and tasks performed by team serve towards to specific mission and goal of the United Airlanes. Secondly, after hijack of two aircrafts, it is crucial for the company to keep their existing clients loyal and provide high quality service without increasing the service prices due to high price competition in the market. Therefore, the Company has to take actions and decrease its costs and in order to decrease cost it needs to create strategy. In other words, it should develop contingency plan and courses of actions which is vital to implement among crew. In addition, I think that there are several factors which have negative impact on communication in the ramp crew and cause majority problems. It might happened while sender encoding the massage to receiver who decodes this. The following factors can cause some misunderstanding and problems: ✓ Communicator issues – lack of skills in encoding, transmitting and receiving messages ✓ Noise – ramp crew can face difficulties to communication because of noise of airplanes ✓ Low information richness – massages transmitted through body language, cellphones and computers ✓ Inappropriate network structures or use of technology - the pattern of...
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