Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Police Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: January 12, 2013
In your readings this week we learned about social reaction (labeling) theory, which is the view that people become criminals when labeled as such and when they accept the label as a personal identity. You will now be able to examine labels given to you, or someone you know, and view how these labels affect your life (or theirs).Have you ever been given a negative label? If so, did this negative label because you harm? Did you lose the label, or did it become a permanent marker that still troubles you today? Note: If you have never been given a negative label, please discuss someone you know who has had this experience, answering all of the questions. Me personally I never got a negative label and I do not know anybody who was negatively labeled or drawn to a crime. Individuals turned into criminals when meaningful members of society classify them as such as well as they approve those classifications as a confidential identity. Whether better or worse, individuals are directed by the outcomes of others. Throughout their lives Individuals are assigned a variation of digital classifications in their interactions with others. These classification refer a number of actions as well as attitudes; classifications thus assist describe not just one trait but the entire person. If a belittled event is conferred by a definitive other, the disproving classification may enforce lasting damage to the objective. Being contemplated as a public deviant may lead their treatment at their house, at where they work, at where they attend school and in the different public circumstances. Classified persons may determine themselves becoming to others analogously discomfited for support as well as companionship. Stigmatization is a co-active approach, classifying theorists blame criminal justice agencies, initially created for its charge, for authentically assisting to adjure as well as augment criminal behavior. Felonies, such as murder, rape, as well as assault, are only terrible or...
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