Topics: Management, 21st century, Scientific management Pages: 6 (1954 words) Published: January 3, 2013
In the current 21st century we can see numerous amount of evidence of scientific management, for instance all the different manufacturing plants, verity of restaurants such as. The modern organizations are able to function proficiently or efficiently due to applying specific concepts method of scientific management in their organization. Scientific management is significant part of business in the 21st century; the influence of the theory goes beyond of what we see in reality, the methods of scientific management are even shared by organization that are seen as miner in business world. It is really important to notices here that while scientific management has been used by modern organization it still comes with some limitations. Therefore, in this particular essay at the beginning will introduce how scientific management developed through the history since late 18century. Also, be examining in full detail the advantages and disadvantages of scientific management in the 21st century, in order to do this I will be carefully investigating how certain applications of scientific management applied to number of modern organizations and the key thesis of this essay is investigate whether scientific management is relevant to 21st century. In order to see whether scientific management is relevant to this present day we need to look back and see its development from the beginning, the publicity of scientific management began in the late nineteen century (1880s-1890s) and the early 21st century (1910s-1920s). It has been regarded as an era where it began to influence rivalries and complementary ideas. The development of scientific management was instigated by Frederick Warslow Taylor and, who is often referred to as “the father of scientific management”. And, through his own research thought to have developed industrial efficiency and even though scientific management was out dated in 1930s, scientific management is also known as taylorism due to F.W.Taylor who started the modern management as we know it today. Taylor began his studies while working in a “Bethlehem steel factory” by carefully observing the organization he acknowledged the poor labour productivity. Taylor stated this was due to more than one reason: counting dissimilarities in talent, intelligent and labours lack of motivations. In order for Taylor to achieve higher productivity he heavily wanted to change the whole principle of “rule of thumb” as for him this did not have value in management, he believed that this was the reason behind the low productivity . So for Taylor the principle needs to be replaced by scientific knowledge rather than still applying the traditional “rules of thumb”. In order for Taylor to prove his principle of scientific management will improve productivity, he carried out his own study what is now famously known as “time and motion study” as David A. Buchanan, Andrej A. Huczynski explains “ His studies tried to answer the question,’ how long should it take to do any particular job?’” (David A. Buchanan, Andrzej A. Huczynski 2000 p.423). Taylor through his studies began to realise the efficiency in work when broken down into consultant parts, Taylor also discovered the supervisors within the work force were depended on “rules of thumb” in order to manage their employees therefore the employees lacked in good training and because they did not have set task for their own work so it’s forced the employees to rely on “rules of thumb” as well. As stated by Stephen Fineman, David Sims, Yiannis Gabriel “Taylor argued that managers had been unsystematic in their approach to production” (p.175). Taylor strongly thought or to have believed that managers at the time of his career relied ingenuity of the worker in order to achieve high productivity. In order for manager’s to achieve high level of productivity Taylor came up with four different principles of scientific management: * Replacing “rules of thumb” by method that are scientifically...
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