Topics: Lie, Friendship, Question Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: December 11, 2012
When it comes to whether it is possible to be completely honest to your friends, this is the question that has been testing the moral and ethical standing of individuals and communities, and has incurs serious thought-provoking debates. There are some people who may argue that honesty is one of the most important characteristics of the friendship, and therefore, people should be completely honest to their friends; while others hold a totally opposite point of view, believing that honesty is not always the best policy. as far as i am concerned, i would prefer to endorse the second point.

Admittedly, it is never too exaggerated to claim that honesty is one of the indispensable roles of the friendship, protecting trust you have grown in the friendship should be your top priority. Without trust, there would be no friendship. From this perspective, at the first glance, this philosophy seems plausible. However, as per my personal observation, such a belief may not be impeccable.

First and foremost, being complete honest, to certain degree, is not only be unproductive, but also can be harmful, cruel and destructive. To illustrate this, a typical example of where complete honesty can be hurtful is that when a lady asks her friend how she looks like after a long period of exercise. Often a lay, doing exercises every day and aiming to lose her weight, asks her friend how her looks like. If, in the opinion of person being asked the question, the lady does not change too much and the exercises do not enhance her beauty. In this situation, if the friend is complete honest to the lady and say that”I don’t see too much change”. This so-called honesty will hurt lady’s confidence and is destructive in the opinion of the author. The second point to back up my opinion is that there are some occasions and incidents that telling a little white lie can be better than telling the truth, so long as it is innocent in nature, and was not lying in malicious way and not about...
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