Topics: Adolescence, Drinking culture, Alcohol law Pages: 4 (1711 words) Published: December 9, 2012

The Legal Drinking age has been set for many reasons to protect minors and other people in our current society. Many minors today see and fall to under aged drinking due to peer pressures, bad parenting, attention seeking, and many other irresponsible reasons. Growing up as a teenager your body goes through many different phases and changes, some for the better others for the worse. Throughout this passage we will be discussing the damages that can come from underage drinking. As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest reasons minors decide to drink is because of peer pressure. However, this peer pressure has to start from somewhere. From my own personal experience and growing up through teenage era, bad parenting is one of the leading causes of where a child gets the idea to drink and pressures others to drink with them. I had a best friend throughout middle school named Chris, However, once we moved into high school Chris and I lost touch. During the time Chris and I had lost touch, Chris had developed into a totally new person. Obviously we change as teenagers and our maturity levels are tested. Well, when Chris was going through his changes of growing up, Chris’s parents where never around to help or supervise Chris through these changes. Chris was known for staying out past curfews, not showing up to school, and hanging out with the wrong crowds. Chris in his need for attention, during his senior year, began to realize with his parents never around that he could through parties. These parties always had alcohol, whether he took it from his parents or he was able to get other people to buy him this alcohol. So of course, Chris started a group of people who looked down upon others and even made fun of other teens who didn’t drink. This peer pressure worked on many people, and Chris got to the point of having a major party every other weekend. One night at one of his parties, one of Chris’s new friends...
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