Stuck Like Glue: Air Pressure Trick

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Stuck Like Glue - Air Pressure Trick
Simple and fun demonstration where a jar is able to lift a plate by creating a slight vacuum.

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A flame goes out inside of an upside down jar and, like magic, the jar is stuck to a plate. You might think that the jar has sucked right to the plate, but we’ll explain why this trick is actually a result of pushing! The Stuck Like Glue experiment is an incredible demonstration of the power of air pressure and a great way to help explain the way that forces work. * Email

* Small plate
* Widemouth jar
* Paper towel
* Water
* Small pieces of paper
* Lighter or matches
1. Fold a paper towel into a square or rectangle that is slightly wider than the mouth of a widemouth jar. 2. Wet the folded paper towel and lay it flat in the center of the plate. 3. Tear off a small piece of normal paper, roughly the size of a sticky note. 4. Use a lighter or match to light the small piece of paper on fire and drop it in the widemouth jar. 5. Immediately flip the jar over and onto the wet paper towel. Firmly press the jar onto the paper towel and plate, letting the lit piece of paper go out. 6. When the piece of paper inside the jar is completely extinguished, lift the jar. Wow… the plate comes with it! Take It Further!

Try changing factors within the demonstration to turn it into an experiment! * Change the size of the burning piece of paper.
* Try different types and sizes of glass or jar.
* Attempt the trick with different brands of paper towel. Those are just a few ideas to try out, but we bet you can think of even more variables to test. How does it work?
Usually if you want to replicate air movement like in this experiment, you need a Hoover or Dyson. Well, that's kind of what's happening... you're creating a vacuum! When the piece of paper inside of the overturned jar is lit, the air inside the jar is heated, causing it to expand. When the flaming...
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