Struggles with Reading

Topics: Reading, Teacher, Speech disorder Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Not many students in high school pick up a book and simply read for enjoyment, Why not though? Most students my age are busy with sports, homework, and their jobs. Not only do we not have time to be entertained by a novel, some choose not to because they think books aren’t amusing to read. This is due to horrific experiences with this subject. In addition, not many students think well of reading. As a below average reading student, without extra help as a new reader at 4 years old, caused me to have horrible reading habits and experiences, permanent hardships and complete avoidance of reading which left me with the lack of reading capabilities that others maintained already.

Personally I began reading at 4 years old in pre-school. In To Kill a Mockingbird Scout tells Miss Caroline, “Teach me? He hasn’t taught me anything.”(Lee17) Scout picked up on reading without his father actually teaching her how to read, I feel I had this too. I taught myself, but lacked knowing what the actual word said; I’d guess what the word was and assume that’s what it said until I was corrected. My mom worked two jobs to get me into a high end pre-school, they taught us how to read, write, and speak French, math, science, etc. I can still comprehend French well enough to understand it, but I also remember constant confusion towards English because French made so much more sense to me. I think learning another language at that age and not learning to read English well enough affect me still. Without attending this daycare I believe id be further behind. With my mom working two jobs and only being 17 we moved to better apartments and better schools whenever we could. Therefore reading was a lesser concern and books were always packed, especially when I was younger. I don’t think that my incapability of reading well could have been prevented. Although reading is difficult, I still do my best to improve.

My experience with reading always lacked enthusiasm, especially in school....
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