Struggles of Education

Topics: High school, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (963 words) Published: October 4, 2011
I have always been the student to struggle with grades in school. I was never one who made straight A’s. I always seemed to make a few A’s mainly C’s. Junior High was a tough time for me, as well as high school. Almost every course I took in junior high and high school I struggled in. I suffered more in high school than I did in junior high. I seemed to always do terribly in the same three class; geometry, biology, and history. Looking at my final report card my sophomore year and seeing that I made not just one, but three D’s made me severely discouraged. I knew I was not doing as well in a few class but I had no idea how badly I really was doing. By seeing how poor my work performance was made me lose all hope. I then went into my senior year with my head down with no intent on doing well. One of the classes I had struggled in was geometry. Starting off my junior year I had Geometry for my fifth period class. By having Geometry fifth hour, the end of the school day, made it hard for me to pay attention in class. I was always ready to leave school. Of course I was tired and wore out from being up since 6:30 in the morning to catch the bus. I dreaded going to geometry every day. It did not help that my teacher had a monotype voice that made it hard to stay focused. Going in to class with a negative attitude because I knew it was a challenge, made an enormous effect on my work performance. I always fell asleep in class, never paid attention, never did my homework, and worst of all, never studied for tests. As time went on my teacher noticed I was not doing well in the class and called home to my parents to see what was going on with me. Of course my parents were disappointed with my performance because I did not let anyone know that I was having a difficult time doing my work. I was like any other teenager thinking that my parents were being too hard on me. Another class I struggled in was biology. This was my second time already taking biology. I had biology...
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