Struggles Facing Women in the Police Force

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Danny Conroy
Police, Law & Society
Paul Moke
Struggles Facing Women in the Police Force
Women have made major progress compared to where they were a hundred years ago. Women once did not work outside the home, now they are right up there with men in the jobs category. Most thought that to be a police officer you had to be a male because they are stronger and show less weakness, but overtime woman fought back to be allowed in the force. The first woman to become an officer was in 1905. In 1968, the first women police officer on patrol. In 2000 women made their biggest mark on the police system and made up to 13 percent of all police officers. Although they have come such a far way to get equal rights and get jobs, the truth is that they have not come as far as predicted in the past 25 years. What are the reasons for woman not growing in the police force is it because of how the department recruits, or because of the physical testing part of the job.

In the police force most people look at it as a man’s job that takes courage, strength, and determination. People do not think that women can handle this because of their hormones and lack of strength. This makes it difficult for women to make it into the police force. There is controversy on whether the strength test should be the same as males or if it should be different requirements. When women make it in to the police force there are still problems that they face and this consists of sexual harassment. There are many ways this can be portrayed, verbally or physically. Usually it’s verbally, and that can cause women to quit their jobs, because some men look down at them because they don’t think they are physically fit or tough enough for the job.

There are many reasons to why female’s recruitment has declined. One of these reasons is the male-dominated police culture discourages women from seeking police enforcement, thus making it hard for women to get hired. It was not until the...
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