Struggle of Indian Women During Revolution

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Women in Indian Freedom Struggle

Women in Indian Freedom Struggle have played a vital role with immense courage, confidence and patriotism. They were the iconic figures in Indian political arena.

Role of Women in Independence Movement 

Women in Indian freedom struggle have significantly contributed almost at par with their male counterparts in fighting the British yoke. The initiative, bravery, guts and headship that the women have showed in the freedom movements for the country’s independence from colonial rule have given them widespread name, fame and significance in the Indian society. During the uprising of 1857, women of the ruling class came together along with the men to fulfill their ambition for an independent India. Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar and the famous Lakshmi Bai ofJhansi, Matangini Hazra and Sarojini Naidu had become iconic figures in the Indian political arena. After the mortifying defeat of 1857, the British Government replaced the British East India Company and British rule became a historical fact. 
Indian women actively participated in the revolutionary movements for social changes during the national struggle for Independence. Thus, the participation of women was not restricted to one type of activity such as the non-violent Satyagraha Movement. Women`s early contribution to the Indian national movement started in the late 19th Century with their involvement in the Indian National Congress. In 1890, Swarana Kumari Ghoshal, a women novelist and Kadambari Ganguly, the first woman graduate of the British Empire, went to attend the Congress meeting as a delegate. Even Sarojini Naidu requires to be mentioned with equal importance better known as `Nightingale Of India`. In the year 1905, National Movement for the country`s independence took a crucial turn with the division of Bengal. 

During the freedom struggle of the country, women were not lagging behind. Women joined men to protest against the British rulers by...
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