Struggle in Foreign Country

Topics: Language acquisition, English language, Second language Pages: 6 (2045 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Bing Pan
Prof. Samtani
Eng 1A
Struggling in a Foreign Country
United States has many world fame universities, those universities are the sanctuary for all students in the world. In United States, there are huge amount of immigrant moving in every year, and the most of purpose for them is education for next generation. In fact, from the 1997-98 school years to the 2008-09 school years, the number of English-language learners enrolled in public schools increased from 3.5 million to 5.3 million, or by 51 percent (National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition, 2011). As long as the dramatic increase on foreign students, the education for these ESL students seems more important not only because it concern about the economic aids from the students but also the quality of education. College ESL students are the students that struggle the most, because they are already past the golden age of learning new language, they have difficulties to changing the way to speak the language. In addition, college English has higher standard and more complex instruction, even they have base English skills in their country, it does not change a lot. Perhaps there are some students that are outstanding and able to jump out the swamp of English for various reasons, but mostly cannot escape it without efficiency help. Most college ESL students are talented and excellent; they will be great after they are able to handle English. The education system have to focus on helping their success by understanding them and give a more appropriate education plan to them.

Understand and analysis ESL students is crucial for helping their success. According to the definition that given by Glossary, ESL is a shorten phrase that stand for "English as a Second Language", they are also called ELL as "English Language Learner." They are the students that whose first language is something other than English, and they have difficulties to perform English reading and writing( They are came from different countries that do not speak English, such as Chinese, Spanish, and Indian. They have different cultures, they have different languages, and they have different background. But there is one thing in common, that is they are not good at English and intend to learn well desperately. Therefore, they all get into a ESL class to improve their English skills. The purpose of ESL class is has teachers that are bilingual help students to develop their speaking, writing, reading, and understanding the English language. In addition, ESL class help students become more fluent in English (ESLdirector). According to the Federal Law, it required that all LEP(Limited English Proficient) students have equal chance to access curriculum and instruction(#). This law is tend to let ESL students have chance to study, everyone should have opportunities to learn. If those ESL students cannot learn only because the format is inaccurate, then it is unfair to all those faithful students who want to learn. There are some problem that exist between the ESL teacher and ESL students, especial on the college students. What college ESL students getting is not what they expected from the ESL teacher, furthermore, it is the communicate problem. Students have hard to receive everything that the Professor tend to give, they cannot digest the knowledge. And all these issue is because the college ESL professor lack of understanding the college ESL students.

There are two major problems that need to be fixed if the college want to improve the performance of their ESL students. The first major issue is the understand the college ESL students' problem, there are some factors that affecting the second language acquisition. It is important to let all ESL professor r to know these because it would help the ESL professors understand the students and find a better way to teach. The factors are vary, but it can divide into three particular parts,...
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