Struggle College Short Essay

Topics: Ramadan, Human, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: November 21, 2011
The sun hit our backs hard as we ran through the picturesque Niles hills. “Two more miles to go”, yelled my teammate who was a few yards behind me, “and then man, we can finally get some water.” Well, there was not going to be any water for me; I was fasting for the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan, running on an empty stomach, and knew that the next drop of water entering my body would only come at sunset.

Running those ten miles every day on nothing but the strength of will, epitomizes my true character and hunger for challenge in life. It is hard to imagine life without one having to face any challenges. A lot of the challenges we face as human beings are similar but what makes each person different is the way we face our challenges. Some people shy away from challenges and then there are others who do not push themselves to their limits and reach short of their goals. Then there are others that are able to overcome some of the challenges but eventually back down because they can not take the heat. I, on the other hand consider myself a fighter, someone who does not back down from life’s hardships and strive to fulfill my goals.

And then we have a rare bread of people that are fighters. When the going gets tough and people around them start falling, these people stand tall while overcoming adversity. I describe my self as a fighter who doesn’t back down from a challenge but feeds on the pressure.

I understand that life is not made up of smooth sailing all the time and you need to always fight through the thick and thin of life. I consider myself a fighter, someone who will work hard and push himself to his limits in order to achieve his goals and ambitions.

Through such experiences I have come to believe that if I can put mind over matter there is nothing that I can’t accomplish.
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