Topics: Schizophrenia, The Soloist, Nathaniel Ayers Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Steve Lopez a journalist for the L.A. Times, after having a biking accident that lands him in the hospital, hears a violin being played beautifully. Investigating, he encounters Nathaniel Ayers a homeless schizophrenic, who is playing a violin when Lopez introduces himself. During the conversation that follows, Lopez learns that Ayers once attended the school Juilliard. After Lopez straggles to find something to write about, he decides to write about the Ayers. Lopez contacts Juilliard to see if Ayers was telling the truth, after he finds out that Ayers did not graduate, he only attended the school for two years due to his schizophrenia. Finding Ayers the next day, Lopez says he wants to write about him. Ayers doesn't appear to be paying attention. Getting nowhere, Lopez finds and contacts Ayers' sister, who gives the journalist the information he needs to write the article. Lopez find out from Ayers’ sister that he was once a very talented musician, until he began displaying symptoms of schizophrenia at Juilliard. Unable to handle the voices, Ayers dropped out and ended up on the streets. One reader is so touched by the article she sends in her own cello for Ayers. When Lopez brings it to Ayers he shows Lopez that he is as good as he is with the violin. Knowing that Ayers was a homeless and that it would put both him and the cello in danger, Lopez tells him that he can only play the cello in the homeless shelter, LAMP, so no one will try to steal it from him. Ayers is later playing in the shelter for the homeless. Lopez is concerned and wants to get medical help for Ayers. He also wants to talk Ayers into getting an apartment, but Ayers refuses because the thoughts of owning an apartment triggered the bad memories of his time in Juilliard as a student. After seeing a good reaction to music played at an opera house, Lopez asks friend Graham, a cellist, to rehabilitate Ayers through music. Lopez talks Ayers into moving into the apartment even though he didn’t want...
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