Structures of Rereading America

Topics: Culture, Critical thinking, Thought Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: June 28, 2011
The editors of Rereading America Gary Colombo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle form each of the six chapters of the book to help the reader develop new perspectives and thinking that will enable the reader to understand things thoughtfully and meaningfully. They encourage the reader to recognize the way he or she has been influenced by these values and move beyond these ideas and concepts to become a critical thinker. The editors use understandable and influential topics for the first three chapters in order to form a connection with the reader. They do this as they highly associate each of the chapters of the book with dominant myths of American culture. The first portion deliberates about matters that are close to the reader personally while the next one targets socially related issues. Chapter one talks about a topic that is close to home; the cultural traditions and economic realities that challenge a family. This is followed by a more personal and thoughtful discussion about the power of the learning and how it is shaped by cultural stories and myths. On chapter three they settle on addressing the widely known myth in American culture which is the American dream of opportunity and success. The other half of the book takes in more in-depth topics that will surely challenge the reader intellectually and emotionally. Two consecutive chapters present topics and issues that others might view as difficult, controversial, or even offensive. These chapters talk about inequality among racial and ethnic relationships and separation between the roles of men and women in the society. Lastly, the editors use chapter six to address the current struggles of the nature from people and the environmental challenges it gives to encourage the reader to contribute in seeking solutions to save the planet.
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