Structures of Government in South Africa

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Describe and explain the role of the Municipal Manager in local government with particular emphasis on his/her leadership role. You are also expected to critically analyse the relationship between the Mayor and Mayoral Committee, Municipal Manager and Speaker.

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Table of Contents:

* Introduction

* The Municipal Manager

* The Speaker

* The Mayor

* The Mayoral Council

* Conclusion

* References


The constitution of 1996 establishes local government as a distinguishing sphere of government. This sphere consists of municipalities that have been established for the whole territory of the Republic of South Africa. Condition is made for the establishment of municipalities in agreement with the requirements relating to categories and types defined by specific criteria. Powers and functions are appropriately divided among the categories of municipalities. The Local Government Municipal Structures Act 117 of 1998 regulates the internal system, structures and office bearers of municipalities. These structures and functionaries play an important role in the promotion of democratic and developmental local government.

Political Office Bearers:
The Municipal Manager

The municipal council must appoint a municipal manager who is the head of the administration and also the accounting officer of the municipality. The municipal manager, as head of the municipal administration, is responsible and accountable for the formation and development of an effective, co-efficient and accountable administration in accordance with all applicable legislation. The municipal manager is responsible to the executive mayor for the management of the administration and the performance of the functions and responsibilities assigned to him/her by the council and executive mayor. He/she is further responsible and accountable for the implementation of the IDP, as well as the management of the provision of services to the local community in a sustainable and equitable manner. The municipal manager is not only responsible for the management of the staff of the council administration, but also plays a pivotal role in the appointment and development of personnel in terms of delegated powers and subject to compliance with the Employment Equity Act and the Skills Development Act. The municipal manager must advise the political structures and the political officer bearers. He/she is responsible for the maintenance of discipline among staff and the promotion of sound labour relations. The municipal manager is responsible for the administration and implementation of the municipality’s by-laws, policies and other applicable legislation, and must perform all duties and exercise all powers delegated to him/her by the councillor or sub-delegated by another delegating authority. The municipal manager is also responsible for the management of communication among the council’s administration, its political structures and office bearers, and must also facilitate participation of the local community in the affairs of the municipality by publicising public participation mechanisms.

Financial Responsibilities
The municipal manager is the accounting officer and he/she is accountable to the council for the overall administration of the municipality, and to the mayor or executive mayor for the implementation of the specific agreed outputs as outlined in Section 82 of the Municipals Systems Act. The municipal manager is responsible for the financial management of the municipality, ultimately ensuring that all financial systems are in place and properly maintained. In terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act, the municipal manager has specific responsibilities in this regard, including certifying the correctness of reports. The municipal manager is responsible for helping the mayor to prepare the draft...
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