Structure of an Interview

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Structure of an Interview

A structure for an interview for Interpreter/translator position at school district should be very specific. I would include in the posting of the job the following specifications: * Position/Title

* Location
* Director Supervisor
* Qualifications
I would include in the qualifications certification, fluent in oral and written Spanish and English, ability to work with teachers, administrators, parents, and students. After the qualifications, I will write the performance responsibilities: * Provide oral interpretation of school related dialogues * Check for understanding during conferences IEP, and meeting in which interpretation is provided * Translate district and school related documents form English to Castilian Spanish * Provide translated documents in word processing format

* Conduct English as a Second Language workshops for non/limited English proficient parents * Attend District or school related evening activities when interpretation services are needed * Identify/locate additional interpretation services as needed for district-wide events and maintain data collection records as remind for ELL program Now I would include the education experience, for example any combination equivalent to: High school diploma, Para-Professional supplemented by training and experience in oral interpretation and written translation. After the education experience I will have the abilities for example: * Read, write, translate and interpreter English and Spanish * Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others * Meet schedules and time lines

* Work independently with little direction
* Determine appropriate action within clearly defined guidelines * Understand and follow oral and written directions
I think it is very important to have all the above specifications on the posting job because it makes it easier for the person doing the interview to ask...
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