Structure in Lit Novels

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STRUCTURE refers to shape. Writers shape the texts they create by fitting characters, places and events into a story which is satisfying and complete. Structural framework, on which the details of the text are hung, develops the sense the reader regarding how complex details fit into a shaped whole, and so tells you more about the meaning and purpose of the work. BASIC STRUCTURE IN NOVELS AND PLAYS

EXPOSITION: This is the beginning, where the world of the text is introduced. The reader, or audience, meets the characters and past events that may assist understanding of the situation are explained. Here too, themes are announced as are dominant ideas, or aspects of characters. Action is usually limited.

COMPLICATION: This may comprise problems, mysteries, tests. Action and movement of the plot is created. The complications of the plot explore the complex nature of the characters and the big issues of the text and put themes and characters under pressure, to force them to an outcome.

RESOLUTION: A drastic event or sequence of action may occur in order to solve problems and mysteries, either happily or disastrously. The complications of the plot are cleared up and decisive events occur which dominate and will shape the future.

1.Stream of consciousness- A literary style in which one's thoughts and feelings are depicted in a continuous and uninterrupted flow. 2.Interior Monologue- a literary attempt to present the mental processes of a character before they are formed into regular patterns of speech or logical sequence NB: Interior Monologue involves a stylised way of thinking out loud. (Technically: thinking ‘on the page’.) Unlike stream-of-consciousness, an interior monologue can be integrated into a third-person narrative. The viewpoint character’s thoughts are woven into authorial description, using their own language.This is the essential difference between interior monologue and straight narrative:...
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