Structural Family Therapy

Topics: Family, Extended family, Marriage Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Short Paper #2-Families

Structural family therapy views a family as an aggregate of individuals that works in a system as a united whole. It presents a framework to help families modify their family structure or the underlying organization of family life. In structural family therapy, each individual becomes a subunit of his or her family also described as an ecosystem which was explained by Schriver. In an attempts to meet the Daniels family where they are currently at, it appears they are currently in the Separation stage of the Family Life Cycle for Divorcing Families. The first step of this stage is mourning the loss of the intact family. This step is hindered by the multiple agencies involved with each having different agendas. This is specifically demonstrated by the shelter’s counselor trying to project her agencies lack of resources as that of the Daniels family’s problem. Even though the family is already blended, Mrs. Daniels isn’t able to mourn her eldest daughter, Nadine not wanting to be in the home due to the hindrance by the shelter counselor. The counselor stated that Nadine not being able to go home is unrealistic. The counselor, stated, “ I mean it sounds nice for you [to consultant] to sit there and say you can’t go home and so on and so forth, but when it comes down to actually putting Nadine someplace else…It’s like there aren’t any foster homes…” This statement doesn’t assist Mrs. Daniels in coming to the realization she can’t care for her daughter at this time. This step is facilitated specifically by Doris Daniels coming to a realization she doesn’t have to force her daughter Nadine to live with her. Mrs. Daniels came to an understanding that when Nadine feels pressure to do something, it isn’t good for the system as a whole. After probing and furthering from the consultant on this issue, Mrs. Daniels stated, “Since the last time I’ve been here, I feel good. Now, since I talked about it last night, if she doesn’t want to come...
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