Structural Design Influenced by Organizational Strategy

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Structural Design Influenced by Organizational Strategy

Organizational Strategy or commonly known as Strategic management is the formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its objectives. Structural design is the process in making a functional, economic, and, most importantly, safe structure. In order for structural design to be influenced by organizational strategy, they first plan the design and see if this design would be able to influence the structural design. After the formulating, they implement the design from being an ideal to a structural design. Once they finish the implementation, they evaluate the structure to see if this design is stable or will be acceptable by the top management. The influence by organizational strategy to structural design usually helps managers what they should be designing, then implement and see what has improved with this design.

The main purpose of this influence is that without organizational strategy a lot of things would happen like there would be chaos if there is no strategy that is being implemented by the top management. That is how the influence of organizational strategy makes the structural design. Sometimes, in organizational strategy the influence would come from other approaches like the economy, psychology and sociology. For economy it would come from the question of what are the resources, how many rivals and how much resources are left but in organizational development they deal how should economy should be budgeted. Psychology is more on how many people are willing to do this kind of job. That is how the influence comes from different approaches and how organizational strategy influences the structural design by approaches being used in organizational strategy.

Also, another purpose of this influence is to avoid losses like time and money because some companies require finishing the designs that they have put up like a building...
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