Structural Applications of Smart Materials in Construction Engineering Using Robots

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Structural Applications of smart materials in construction engineering using robots. 1,2

Suhrit Majumder1, Nitish H.2 Student, BCA - PES Institute Of Technology, Bangalore - 560085. suhrit_majumder@hotmail.com1, lionnitish@gmail.com2. Under the guidance of :

P.S.Kannan, HOD-Dept of BCA, PESIT,Bangalore-560085 Emailid:

V.Srikanth Asst.Professor-MCA dept PESIT,Bangalore-560085.

Santosh Katti Lecturer,dept of MCA PESIT,Bangalore-560085

Construction engineering concerns the planning and management of the construction of of such structures projects such

as highways, bridges, airports, railroads, buildings, dams,

and reservoirs.



knowledge of engineering and management principles and business procedures, economics, and human behaviour. Construction engineers engage in the design of temporary structures, quality assurance and quality control, building and site layout surveys, on site material testing, concrete mix design, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, safety engineering, materials procurement, and cost engineering and budgeting. In the course of this paper we would like to provide you with a wide spectrum of information relating to how smart materials are used in the construction engineering. These smart materials basically mean smaller and more efficient tools which can be used to do the same job in far more precise manner. These smaller tools are generally robots which are built capable of doing anything that man can think of creating. This paper will provide you the requirement of transporting faster, building safer and creating wonders for you to be proud of.

Keywords: Construction engineering, precise, efficient, robots, materials.

Introduction Executive Summary The main objectives of this report are to highlight the crucial discussion points for the future of Artificial Intelligence, and show how these will determine the nature of risks through using humanoid robots in construction. In this report, humanoid refers to a humanoid robot. This is an autonomous robot, is the form of a human, which can be advantageously deployed to perform tasks in a range of environments. Construction is one of the largest industries in the world, and one which humanoids could greatly benefit. The limited history of robotics and the rate of progression in technology have emphasized how important it is to consider the risk of tomorrow’s artificial agents today. Looking at the potential of humanoids at present has shown that they could be ideal for use on construction sites. The main needs for humanoids in construction were found to be limited human capabilities, more effective & efficient site operation, and safer working practices. A Brief History of Robots and Humanoid Robots The era of robots, in particular humanoid robots, is in its infancy. Much of the work that has taken place in this field dates only

to the last century, but this has laid vital foundations that can be built upon. Our efforts in understanding a humanoid robot’s behavior and estimating the potential risks associated with its use, have to stem from previous results established by inventors, scientists and theorists. The operation of humanoid robots has yet to happen and the research currently ongoing is progressive, but limited. In addition, it is probable that humanoids will emerge as specialists in certain tasks (similar to automated robots used today), before ones with generic intelligence materialize. A study of the development of robotics through time will provide an insight into how technology has progressed, and hence better understand the direction that robotics is heading in the future.

detailed. Furthermore, the variety of humanoid structures are excessive, and so for the purpose of this introduction, a brief and concise case study will be carried out on arguably the most advanced humanoid today; Asimo, created by...
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