Structual Funtionallism

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Gabriel Vazquez
Soc 101 Intro Sociology
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The structural- functional theory is a framework for building theory that sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability. As the name suggest it deals with the social structure and function. Social structure is any relatively stable pattern of social behavior. Social Function is the consequences of a social pattern for the operation of society as a whole. While conflict theorist see society as a arena of inequality that generates conflict. They believe that the existing system of distribution is basically unjust. While structural- functional theorist believe that the existing system of distribution was basically just.

Structural functional (conservative) believe that our current system of distribution was basically just. They have a social Darwinist view of society meaning that if you are in that social class you deserve to be there and only you can improve your position. They also have more a conservative point of view meaning that they want to keep the system going and function. They view society as a social system that have needs that most be met in order to have the needs and desire of its constituent members to be met. So doing so have a more distrustful of man’s basic nature and has made more of an effort on the need for restraining social institutions. The reason for this is the thought of original sin. Institutions that help keep man’s basic nature in order are political, education, family, economic and religion. Political institutions use things like the police, court and correction to keep man’s desires in order. Education keeps the system going by teaching the young to work within the system. Family keeps everything in order by teaching their children what the rights are and how to serve in society. Religion explains that can’t be explained such as death, scarcity and powerlessness. They also believe that the act of compelling by force of authority or coercion only has a minor role in society. That inequality arises as a necessary consequence of consensus and innate differences among men. That in order to acquire rights and privileges you need hard work and delegation by others in order to move up. They feel state and law are organs of the whole society acting basically to promote the common good. Structural functional theorist view social class as a heuristic device calling attention to aggregations of people with certain common characteristics. These are the basic ideas of Structural functionalism which are used to explain society and its inner workings. Sexuality in a structural functionalist point of view would explain contribution of any social pattern to the overall operation of society. That society regulates sexuality since it can have important consequences and that sex allows our species to reproduce based on a biological point of view. But our culture and social institution control with whom and when people can reproduce. The fact that the incest taboo exist everywhere shows clearly that no society permits a completely free choice of sexual partners. Throughout history the social control of sexuality was strong because sex often led to child birth. We see controls at work in the old fashioned distinction between “legitimate” reproduction and “illegitimate” reproduction. But the development of the ability of control births sexual norms became more permissive, According to Kingsley Davis (functionalist) wrote the benefits of prostitution for society. He writes that prostitution is one way to meet the sexual needs of a large number of people who do not have ready access to sex, including soldiers, travelers, and people who are not physically attractive or are too poor to attract a marriage partner. But he really talks about the benefits of men when comes to prostitution. The structural functional theory explains culture as a complex strategy...
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