Structrual and Cultrual Frame to Analyse Three Major Works by Andy Goldsworthy

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague, Emotion Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: March 13, 2013
The scene I shall be directing is one of the most dramatic and traumatizing scenes of Romeo and Juliette. It pulls in a great mix of emotions and ends in a devastating loss. Romeo:
Romeo’s character is naturally peaceful and is one to be in fewer fights than his cousin and Mercutio “gentle Mercutio put thy rapier up”. In this scene I want Romeo to be extra happy and serene. I want him to be looking as if in a daze all at the same time I want him giddy and exited, e.g. he should be randomly jumping up and down, and have a huge smile on his face that it looks as if it’s glued on. No matter how hard he tries he just can’t take it off. The reason Romeo should be this way is because he just married Juliette the love of his life and at this moment everything seems amazing. When Romeo finds Tybolt and Mercutio I want him sprinting towards them, fist pumping and jumping around excitedly whilst calling their names. He is so excited to see them because Mercutio is his most greatest and loyal friend where as Tybol is Juliet’s cousin and Rome wants to show him he’s good for Julliette by expressing a feeling towards Tybolt getting him confused. “Tybolt the reason I love thee doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such a greeting” When Romeo sees Mercutio dead in front of him he is not able to handle it and goes first the kill only seeing red blinded with hate anger and revenge deep in his irises. Tybolt:

Tybollts character is very much different to Romeo’s peaceful character. He is more of a valiant character always perusing fights between the two families. Tybolt sees himself more as a leader and looks down at the Montague family and one who is with them is an insult to him. That is why being humiliated by them filled him with a great mount of rage. For this scene I want Tybolt clenching and unclenching his fists. I want his teeth gritted and I want him giving the most deadliest glare to Mercutio, and if looks could kill than he would be on the floor ten...
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