Stroop Affect

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The Stroop Effect
"The idea of linking color and behavior is reasonable enough. Anyone who has ever felt blue, seen red, blacked out, or turned green knows we're prone to make emotional associations with different shades."- Winifred Gallagher Problem Question (or project title):

The Stroop Effect - If you are slower in the word identification process time, reading comprehension will be more difficult for you. Can we trick the brain? The Stroop Effect is an important process that focuses on attention, which is a mental activity that surveys selected areas of your surroundings. One specific type of attention is selective attention, which is when people are instructed to respond selectively to certain kinds of information while ignoring other information Information is processed by specific areas of the brain. One area processes words we read by identifying the letters. The act of reading sends a message to the brain that is difficult to suppress. Another area of the brain processes color, sound, etc. If we read a word that is colored, the brain is processing messages from 2 different areas at the same time, which can cause confusion. Hypothesis:

Listening to the TV or music may improve your response/comprehension by creating “selective attention blocks” to outside interference.

This task was first performed by J. R. Stroop in 1935. He found that reading off the words in the first task took a shorter amount of time than saying out loud the color of the words in the second task. It is much harder to name the color of the words than to simply say the sound of the intended word. This is because the brain is being confused; a concept known as interference is taking place. These words and their colors are being seen and processed, but the brain must make a choice when examining these two features. Perhaps the feature that you believe to be the most important, according to experience, is the one you are more likely to perform more quickly on....
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