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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Nayef Al-Sinnawi
Student #:1091670
The different between English and Arabic letters
The Instructor Name: Wael Abdeen

Phonetics is: concerned with describing speech. All the letters in the alphabet symbolize either vowels or consonant. Vowels have no contact made when spoken. * There are only five letters used to write vowels in English. They stand for about 20 vowel sounds in most English accents, so these letters are a source of ambiguity in pronunciation for educated people. These letters are vowels: (A, I, E, O, and U ) .

In all vowels, the mouth passage is unobstructed, and all of them are voiced.

The (w,y) is considered as semi vowels

Letters | Place of articulation| Manner of articulation | Examples| j| Palatal | Glide | Yellow |
W | Bilabial | Glide | Way |
However, in Arabic language there are two kinds of vowels, (long, and short vowels) on one hand, long vowels are: Letters | Place of articulation | Manner of articulation | Examples | ا| Glottal | Fricative | إنسان|

و| Bilabial | Glide | ورده|
ي | Palatal | glide| يوم|

On anther hands short vowels are: (فتحه,كسره,ضمه,شده, سكون,(مد. Below is a table summarizing the short vowel
Sign| Name| Sound|
بَ| فتحه| a|
بِ| كسره| i|
بُ| ضمه| u|
بّ| شده| We can make the letter twice|
بْ| سكون| The sound still same |
آ| مد| prolongs the <a>-sound of the nayef|

*consonant in English: if it is obstructed at any during the production of a speech sound, the resulting sound will be consonant. Consonant could be voiced or...
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