Strip Clubs

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  • Published : September 13, 2009
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Gentlemen clubs are not as bad as some people might make them out to be. There are many misconceptions about strip clubs. Dancing is a topic many people do not agree with, rather he or she does not think dancing is a respectful job, or someone might thinkthat clubs are about sex, drugs and alcohol. An owner of a club is not willing to lose his or her club over someone’s bad habits. All clubs have security and most have camera throughout the club. Having this type of security prevents the drugs and prostitution from happening. If an employee is caught doing drugs, or underage drink they would be fired. There are many positive aspects about clubs, good pay, flexible schedule, exercise, entertainment and helps the community.

Many dancers work at a club because of the flexible schedule. Having the ability to work whenever you want or when it is convenient for you, is perfect for a single mother, or someone who attends school. Clubs allow a dancer to make her own schedule and come and go as she pleases. Most clubs are open during the day and night, having the ability to chose the time and hours she wants to work allows more time for family and other prior engagements.

Dancers earn more money in one night then most people earn in a week. The average a dancer makes is between three and five hundred dollars. On a busy night a dancer could earn as much as $2,000. To be able to go and work for a few hours and get paid as much as someone who is working forty hours, is very hard to turn down. The way the economy is at this point, finding a job is not an easy task. Many people do not want to work forty hours, at minimum wage. Many people are turning to dancing for that reason; no one wants to work hard for very little money. People might not realize that dancers have to pay to work in the clubs. There are fees that are involved in working in a club; most clubs have house fees, disc jockey fees. The average nightly fees are around fifty dollars, which is not a big deal...
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