String Theory

Topics: Particle physics, Fundamental interaction, General relativity Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: January 27, 2013
String Theory Essay
Man has always had many questions regarding his surroundings. We are always curious to answer many unknowns and many will remain unanswered, but what if there was a theory that would allow us to explain at least all of nature’s forces within a single all encompassing coherent framework. What does this exactly mean? Well, explaining the universe in the most intricate and basic detail so one can stand in awe of its beauty and elegance. There is an idea floating around these days that we might have come across this unified field theory as Einstein would call it. It has been called string theory.It can explain our universe in the most basic of terms, to the most undividable element. That would mean we might be closer to examining the core of our being. Knowing the answer to that would be a giant step in our evolution. We can look forward to perhaps getting closer to answers for metaphysical questions. This now would not be the be all and end all of all knowledge, but it would explain the basic construct of everything around us. That is an astounding proposition. With our current technology we can’t clearly verify this ambitious theory, but the writer thinks that the fact that he have theorized on the subject in itself is an admirable leap forward. It might not tell us why are we here, but it’ll get us a hell of a lot closer. So what is this far reaching answer to such an all enveloping question?

Well, first we must discuss the major problem that loomed with developing such a theory. To correlate all things in the universe, one must first realize the two pillars of modern physics. First is Einstein’s general relativity and then the concept of quantum mechanics. Relativity provides a framework for understanding the universe at a large scale, we are talking about stars, galaxies and even larger objects(galaxy clusters, black holes even). Quantum mechanics does the opposite, provides a framework for the smallest of scales: such as molecules,...
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