String Beans as Flour

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Chapter I


In recent years, the wheat flour industry in the Philippines has been offering a diversified product range from bread to noodles, pasta and biscuits and other daily baked products, resulting to a greater need for employment so more can have jobs. The industry is growing at fast rate due to increase in population and purchase power, tastes and preferences change, and the supply of feeds from flour by-products as well as availability of cheap noodles grow. Four of the largest millers on the Philippines alone comprise the bulk of potential market for suppliers of fortificants (vitamin A and iron), as well as equipments or machineries, and labor in food Fortification (TPFFP, 2001). In the flour industry, the most promising business opportunity will be for the supply of quality Vitamin A fortificant from cheap sources especially generics coming from China or India. The government has been fully supportive of flour fortification in terms of advocacy and provision of technical support (TPFFP, 2001).

Over the past few years, different kinds of crisis are reported and felt here in the Philippines and in the other parts of the world, one of which is the wheat flour crisis (Cunanan, 2008). Wheat flour sold in the Philippines begin to increase its price which also brings about the hike in the price of daily food products that are primarily made out of flour. Local supply could not suffice the needs; also, others depend on the import action of flour.

Testing’s and studies show that cassava can be an alternative source of flour in making bread and other commercial and industrial products (Cunanan, 2008). However, it has poor availability due to its being a tropical root crop which requires at least eight months of warm weather to produce a crop (O’Hair, 1995).

Taking all these facts into consideration, researchers thought of replacing improved commercial flour with indigenous legumes, so many can avail cheap, protein-rich food products. To use string beans as raw material in making flour.

Significance of the Study

The effort to research for alternative source of flour is important as it is addressed to find a cheaper and a surrogate source of raw material in making flour.

This study is important to manufacturers, bakers and consumers of flour. The study could bring forth ideas of a possible new source of flour which is widely available in temperate regions like the Philippines, resulting to a cheaper and more nutritious flour-based product that can be produced. This study can contribute to the advancement of knowledge because this study could provide relevant ideas for other researchers and other studies.

Statement of the Problem

The research study was conducted to test the acceptability of string beans as an alternative source for wheat in making flour. To know whether which of the two kinds of flour, string beans as flour or wheat flour would have the least time of spoilage, which would have the better quality in terms of: a) Texture

b) Taste
c) Odor
d) Appearance
And to know the best proportion of string beans as flour for the different flour-based products which are polvoron, pancake, and bread.

Scope and Limitation
The study was conducted on July 2009 to September 2009 and will be performed at Vidal Bakeshop in Labo, Camarines Norte under ambient room conditions. The production of flour will only be applicable to the beans of the legume which is the string bean.

Definition of terms

Analytical mill – Mill, equipment for grinding or pulverizing raw materials.

Bean flour – is a kind of flour made from beans specifically from garbanzo beans, soybeans, mung beans, and others.

Flour – is a fine powder made from cereals and other starchy products. It is most commonly made from wheat.

Hard flour – a kind of flour that yields dough that are elastic and have expansion properties.

Soft flour – a kind of flour that is used for pasty...
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