Striker for Hire

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“Striker for Hire”

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“Striker for Hire”
Dane Striker recently joined in Nirvana Forensics Agency. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) & preparing to attend the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. He used to work as a freelance Forensic Accountant & successfully investigated some fraud cases in different reputed company. He prefers to work in production oriented sensitive business environment & like to detect embezzlement, fraud & intensive data analysis. After joining this company his old client referred his company to a reputed Zipper company for a new assignment. The company name was MKK US Zipper Company located in Georgia. The offer was lucrative but it was challenging too. After discussing with his management he decided to investigate the fraud issue by himself. Company Profile

MKK US Zipper Company is a multinational zipper manufacturing company which is a sister concern MKK Zipper Group & located in 60 different countries with their production unit. They are the leading supplier to all garment products all over the world. Characters List

1. Mark Robinson, CEO MKK US Zipper Company.
2. Ben Johnson, Head of Finance.
3. Steve Austin, Head of Production.
4. Justin Vance, Factory Manager.
5. Eric Hines, Production Officer,
6. Rui Costa: Dispatch Officer, Factory.
7. Monir Uddin, Manager Sales, Corporate office
8. Jonathon Smith. Sales Executive.
9. Roshan Patel, Sales Executive.
10. Angela Clark: Receptionist.
Scene 1: 1st meeting with CEO & Other Officials
Location: Corporate Seminar Room.
Time: 9.00Am
Officials in the meeting: CEO, Head of Production, Head of Sales & Factory Manager & Dane Striker. Robinson: Good morning Mr. Striker. Thanks for coming
Dane Striker: Good morning. You are welcome.
CEO: Let me introduce our other members in the meeting
After the introducing part we had an hour long meeting.
CEO: We established our new production unit just 4 year earlier & we have introduced 100% computer base production database. Last year our Sales achieved 2 billion Dollars mark which was 28% higher than previous year. But our internal audit identified a discrepancy between sales & production. According to their analysis we are unable to identify around 7% of our total sales information. Now we need your help to investigate whether we have someone or group of people doing any fraud activities or is there something else is happening. Striker: Well that’s interesting. How your production database maintained. Robinson: Mr. Austin will give you a brief idea because he was involved in whole process from the beginning of computer base production operation. Austin: Thank you Mr. Robinson. We segmented our production unit into few stages. 1. Raw materials unit

2. Processing unit
3. Finished Zippers Unit
4. Packaging unit
5. Documentation unit
6. Dispatch or shipment unit
Each unit has assigned supervisor who operate database from their unit. Before input the data into computer, we keep paper documentations & approval copy from each unit head. Striker: I see, so if someone mistakenly mixed wrong amount of raw material for your zipper processing what would be the impact? Austin: The processing unit will be automatically stopped. Because software can identifies the wrong measurement. Then supervisor can locate the mistake & fix it. Striker: I see. It seems you guys have huge systems which not allow you to waste any raw materials. Austin: No it’s not always true we have 3% waste but we can recycle it. Striker: Alright. So what about the Sales process?

Uddin: Well since our main clients are garments factories & buying houses, they provide us a projection of their upcoming zipper requirements & also place order when they need...
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