Strictly Ballroom

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  • Published : June 21, 2011
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Australian Visions – Strictly Ballroom

I would like to explain distinctly Australian vision and link to the film, Strictly Ballroom and film technique. In the scene that Scott, Fran and Doug dancing at the Dance studio, It had describe their feeling by their way of dancing. When Scott and Fran were dancing on the roof, it appears a coke sign. The big, red sign had refer to the red curtain, it introduces the exterior world to them. The sign also suggest the globalism of Australia, by integrate American culture to Australia.

The music starts when Scott accepts to try with Fran with the goal to Pan pacific federation. The music suggests hope to future to their partnership and creates a calm atmosphere. The close shot of the foot had indirect show the emotion of Fran. When Fran show her own step to Scott, the music had stop and it emphasis the sound of the step.

When Scott and Fran dance to the Coca Cola board and the hill hoist, the theme that explore was representation of Australian society. The coke sign is the representation of the connection of Australia and other world. That brings Australia become individual by learning from other country. The technique seen to be a long shot of the front side of the dance building. The long shot also cover the sign, the hanger and the sign of the dance place with them.

When they are dancing at the roof top, the scene is apprience and equalality. The equalality was shown on their dance attitude and similar costume. Their costume were simple. It show their place are equal, and connection. The social expression of Scott and Fran tell their attitude to dance towords it. That they have the same aiming. The technique has use confort music show their attitude towords each other. The costume show the sameness in their attitude. Also methor the style of the dance.

At the scene they danse when its sun rise. The lighting has suggested the brightness in their future. The close shot had tell their closeness and connection....
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