Strictly Ballroom

Topics: Baz Luhrmann, Low-angle shot, Moulin Rouge! Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Image is a powerful medium through which composers allow themselves to express challenging ideas. By emphasising visual techniques, the composer can show representation through image and shape meaning. Through the exploration of image in the film “Strictly ballroom” directed by “Baz Lurhmann” and “Stupid Girls” a music video by “Pink” are the themes of individuality versus conformity, the importance of appearance, and the resistance to change effectively portrayed.

  “Baz Lurhmann” and “Pink” use image to portray the ideas of individuality versus conformity. In “Strictly ballroom”, “Baz Lurhmann uses juxtaposition of Scott’s appearance/costume of his gold sequined pants and jacket when partnered with Liz Holt who is wearing a dress just as extravagant with elaborate hair and makeup dancing the federation steps. This is juxtaposed with Scott dancing his own steps with Fran he wears a simple singlet with black pants. Pink uses juxtaposition in her music video when the angel and the devil are trying to persuade the young girl to to either conform (devil) or be an individual (angel). Baz shows the struggles between individuality and conformity though the use of lighting, when Scott is dancing on his own around the spotlight which represents individuality and how Scott was afraid to dance completely in it but rather around it, moving though it quickly. This shows the internal struggle between what Scott wants, to win or to do what he is passionate about. Pink portrays conformity negatively though the use of camera angles such as high angle shot of Shirley Hastings and Les Kendall’s dance class showing to conform is to be inferior. Pink also supports the idea that individuality is better than that of conformity though the use of a low angle shot of a “female president” showing her power and portrays a strong image.

  The importance of appearance is shown in Stupid girls though the use of low angle camera shot to show power when they portray a woman president...
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