Strictly Ballroom

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  • Published : April 27, 2008
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1.The canonical of “Strictly Ballroom” consists of a world in which ballroom dancing is the norm. Scott comes from a family with a history of ballroom dancing and has been training since childhood. Scott becomes very good and encounters resistance when he tries to dance his own steps instead of the more traditional ballroom moves. 2.The Inciting incident of Strictly Ballroom would happen when Scott and Liz are dancing in the very beginning and Scott tries to pull off his own moves. The rest of the film would never happen if Scott had been disqualified from the first competition. 3.I think “Strictly Ballroom” would be classified as a Romantic Comedy. It would be Romantic because you can tell that there is something going on between Fran and Scott. The fact that at you see Scott is the popular dancer in the studio and Fran is just a beginner/outcast makes you think that they would never normally talk and they eventually fall for one another. It would be a comedy because the whole world consists of fanatics of ballroom dancing and they have sweet Australian accents. 4.The protagonist of the story would be Scott Hastings and he would classified as High Mimetic. He would be High Mimetic because he is better than everyone at dancing but he does not dance the traditional style of ballroom dancing that is legitimate. 5.Act I starts off putting you right into the middle of the Pan Pacific dance competition. It is here when you see Scott try to dance his own moves getting them disqualified from the competition. You then get introduced to Scott’s family his mother Shirlie and her dance partner Les. They are really intense about ballroom dancing and all they want is for him to win the Pan Pacific. The Climatic reversal would be when Liz quits as Scott’s partner and Ken Railings asks her to be his partner. Act II begins with Scott’s family trying to find him a replacement partner. The first reversal of this act would be when Fran confronts Scott in the studio and tells...
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