Strictly Ballroom

Topics: Dance, Low-angle shot, Mother Pages: 3 (540 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Intro scene: How are the characters established in the context of the group (‘southern XX ballroom championships’)

Opening scenes establish insular sense of belonging- silhouettes of characters giving high fives and hugs.

President established as powerful in the group- low angle shot, announcer introducing, video of dancing. Ironic- it looks daggy, he looks ridiculous, but powerful in this setting.

Scott’s samba is presented in an over dramatised manner to emphasise how he has challenged a very strictly established and controlled social order.

“Where the man goes the lady belongs- I had no choice” and “Im not dancing with you til you dance like you’re ‘sposed to.”

Fran- established as an outsider by both her appearance and approval of the steps

Dad- “Not now dad”

Scott’s mate (Wayne?): doesn’t know what to think of the dance

Music very much establishes what belongs and what doesn’t

Scott meets Fran

“You have no right to approach an open amateur...Ive been dancing since I was six”- ironic, an elevated sense of himself within the context of the dance studio.

Fran challenges (and inspires) this view with her “step I’ve been working on at home.”

The try outs

Fran begins to morph- makeup (this one’s island paradise), hair, glasses and clothes into the ballroom world. Her association with Scott begins to give her a sense of belonging and affinity with the studio that she has always lacked.

Audience’s sense of belonging with the film- the director shuts viewers out in one sense by using an unfamiliar and ridiculous setting and context. They view it as outsiders (meaning?).

Are they included in other ways- emotionally? through the urban setting and branding?

State Championships

“A pan pacific champion becomes a example”- Barry Fife

Scott is tempted to belong with the offer to dance with Tina Sparkles.

Father doesn’t belong- uses film instead of video- looks at Barry Fife’s video with disdain....
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