Strictly Ballroom

Topics: Baz Luhrmann, Culture, Perception Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: July 21, 2012

Vision (Strictly Ballroom & Yonlgu Boy)

Vision is a means of communication of one`s thought and feelings to convey not only “what is” but “what could be”. Each vision reflects the values, altitude, emotion and experience of individual or social groups to express and react to their perception of the world around them. Vision involves a creative intellectual mind and also mental imaginings. Those listening and viewing people`s visions will become intellectual or emotionally connection with the composer`s or actor`s vision. We are all provoked to respond to vision in some away.

Majority of people in Australia want to belong and connect their sensational feelings with the world. By vision, Australian vision is one that typically, represents and expresses future opportunities, inspirations and ideas that are divulged in our unique context. Australia rapidly emerges especially after white settle 1770 (ww2).

A visual language is a system of codes of communication. Visual language refers to the use of images as one such code of communication.

In relation to the text “Strictly Ballroom”, visual language is the exploration of the nature of images in films and the way these images shape meaning. This is the focus of this elective in relationship to visionary perceptions for the future of Australia.

These composers or actors have different visions, which are based on one`s thoughts and feelings according to their perspective about Australia. Contrastingly, Baz Luhrmann`s vision of Australia was of a form of multiculturalism. He comprehends his vision through a theatre play called “strictly Ballroom”. He became famous in a movie called “Australia”. It was expressed, where people embrace, respect, adore and express themselves through various activities each other. Stephen Johnson exhibits his idea of vision of Australia by a film called “Yolngu Boy”, where three boys search for their identity, rite of passage and the implications of belonging...
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