Stretching and 3.05module

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Fitness Activity Record Sheet

Complete the chart as directed.

1. Columns 1 – 3: You MUST include the date(s), scores and the goals you indicated in your first attempt for Module 1.04. If you did not keep these scores as instructed, please contact your instructor for these so you have them. 2. Columns 4 – 7: Perform each activity again and fill in columns 4-7 of the chart. Please include the date you completed each fitness assessment, your score for each assessment and your goal for your final attempt in lesson 8.01. Be sure to include the standards for your age/gender which can be found in the readings for 3.05. 3. Columns 8 – 9: Keep this log so you can complete columns 8-9 at the end of the course for Module 8.01. 4. Reflection Questions – Complete the reflection questions listed on page 2. This assignment will not receive full credit if the reflections questions are not completed. 5. Submitting Lesson 3.05: Save your completed log and attach it in the Assessments area for your instructor to grade.

|Module 1.04|Module 1.04|Module 1.04|Module 3.05|Module 3.05|Module 3.05|Module 3.05|Module 8.01|Module 8.01| Name of Fitness Test|Date of Fitness Test1.04|1.04 Fitness scores|Goals for 3.05|Date of Fitness Test3.05|3.05Fitnessscores|Goalsfor8.01|Standard for your age|Date of Final Test8.01|Scores for Final Test| Mile Run/Walk|10/19/12|11:49.5|8-9 minutes|11/20/12|10:35.2|8-9 minutes|8:00|12/19/12|8:49.0| Curl-ups|10/17/12|20|60|11/17/12|30|36|36|12/18/12|40|

Pull upsorPush ups|10/17/12|20|40|11/17/12|20|30|30|12/18/12|26| Sit-and-Reach|10/19/12|30 cm|50 cm|11/20/12|30 cm|40 cm|25|2/3/13|35| Calculated Body Mass Index (BMI)|10/17/12|17.625|Maintain|11/17/12|17.6|Maintain|18-24|12/18/12|18.1|

Answer Questions Below

Reflection Questions

Part I: Using complete sentences, please answer the following questions for EACH of the 5 fitness...
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