Stretch Marks

Topics: Pregnancy, Scar, Obstetrics Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: July 15, 2011
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12 things women need to know about stretch marks
I really don’t know any woman out there who doesn’t have stretch marks. That said, some women have stretch marks that are more prominent that others and for those women, stretch marks become a source of self consciousness. For some women, stretch marks are solely located around the belly area, but for some other women they have stretch marks on their arms, breast, tights and buttock area. Although, it’s going to be very hard to avoid having stretch marks, there are a number of things women should know about stretch marks in order to minimize their chances of having to deal with too many of them. There are so many facts that most of us women don’t know about stretch marks that make avoiding them easier. Here are 12 things you need to know about them: 1. Stretch marks are scientifically known as are a form of scarring. They usually rear their ugly heads during puberty, or as the result of excessive weight gain, such as during pregnancy. 2. Did you know that even people who engage in body building can get stretch marks? Yes, stretch marks have nothing to do with the number you see on your scale. 3. Stretch marks are the result of skin being stretched beyond its natural elasticity. This stretching causes a disruption of the body’s collagen production. Collagen is a special protein that helps keep the skin elastic and, therefore, able to stretch when we gain weight. When this collagen production is disrupted, the skin loses its elasticity, which makes it more prone to stretch marks. 4. Stretch mark are usually found in a series as small, indented streaks. They are generally rough and uneven. In women with light skin, they are usually a pink or reddish-brown color. They might sometimes almost look purple. For darker skinned women, stretch marks are usually brown. Beauty Match™ Network

5. Genetics plays a larger role in whether or not you will develop stretch...
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