Stressin the Life of a College Student

Topics: Anxiety, Fear, University Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Did you know that everyone around the world shares something in common ?

We have all at one time or another been victims of conflict and uncontrollable situations also known as stress !. Although we all react differently to different situations or conflicts these situations can have a lot of power over our emotions and cause us to feel angry frustrated anxious nervous etc. A dictionary explination of stress is : As college students we are more susceptible of encountering involuntary situations or conflicts causing us to experience feelings like frustration, anxiety and having fear of what we can not control. We face academic demands, social involvement, family and daily responsibilities. Not knowing how to deal whit meeting the demands of being a college student and for some having a part time job and having a family to cater for , can create a lot of pressure and cause a lot of stress.. Stress is the effect of disruptive or upsetting situations which is caused in response to adverse external situations. As college students there are a lot of life changing decisions we have to make and challenges we face daily. Some of those challenges can be classes , academic and financial obstacles. This can be referred to as academic stress. At times it seems impossible to find balance between college and friends, family, work and relationships . This can be referred to as social stress. These are just too of many areas of our lives that demand so much of our attention. It can be highly difficult to keep a healthy state of mind when you are constantly pushing your limits. I’m sure we all worried about failing, not knowing what career we are interested in at some stage weather it was when you started your leaving cert or even when you started this assignment and I know most people get head aches or migraines because of it. Head aches is just one of many symptoms of stress other symptoms include insomnia fatigue dizziness stomach issues nervousness and irritability....
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