Stresses of Prom

Topics: Prom, Want, Anxiety Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Stresses of Prom Preparation
Proms in the Bahamas, despite their glamour, can be very stressful occasions. According to the Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, a prom is “a formal dance held by a high school or college class.”  A prom was simply intended to be the end-of-school-year-dance for high school seniors.  Instead, it has become a giant monster of extravagant spending, more-than-a-wedding-show-off-party. Prom can be one of the most important events in your high school experience, a special night to look forward to for months beforehand. For some people, though, prom can seem like just another reason to worry and feel stressed out. Even people who are looking forward to it can feel nervous. Preparing for this extravagant night called prom can be very costly. The $300 hair dos, $300 limousines, $150 suit rentals, $800 bear-top formal gowns, $150 shoes, can add up to a down payment for a small home. Prom doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are a few less expensive options, Rent tuxedos or dresses or pay for them in installments. Shop online or at thrift stores to get style on the cheap. Borrow clothes from older siblings or cousins. If you can't afford a trip to a beauty salon, team up with a friend to be each other's stylists. Treat yourselves to some new beauty supplies, and then spend the afternoon getting ready. Instead of an expensive restaurant, meet up at a friend's place for some home cooking or opt for a romantic picnic dinner in the park. For some people, the biggest prom worry is asking and being asked: It's natural to stress out about gathering the courage to invite that special someone and to worry you might be turned down. Although it's tempting to avoid the possibility of rejection by not asking, who wants to be afraid of taking a chance? Ask. If the person says no, you can move on. That's what Gina did and she was surprised when people told her how much they admired her for asking Chris in the first place. If you never ask, you may...
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