Stress on College Students

Topics: Stress, Anxiety, Education Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Every person will experience some degree of stress in his or her life. There are many different kinds of stress that effect college students, but three main ones are academic stress, social stress, and work stress. Juggling to much can stress a college student. As a fellow college student I’m confident to say I know every college student has gone through it and can relate to it. When college students are stressed they have many consequences following them. Too much stress can have a bad effect on your focus on your education. For instance working while going to school can be a hassle and affect you with your school work and stress you out. With work you have long shifts that last for hours and you won’t have time to do your homework that needs to be done. While trying to do both you feel stressed and exhausted. You tend to get lazy in work, school and the outcome of that affects you. You’ll start to fall behind in school pererfing to focus more on work more because it pays the bills. Also some college classes can be challenging for some students that they come unprepared for it. They mostly procrastinate or obtained the habit of not doing their work from high school. Some college students tend to make up excuses for not completing their assignments. By them doing that they get behind in class and start to stress out more when they find out they’re not passing the class. So they do their best to try and catch up in class but too much was piled up. Then the stress will make them want to give up and drop out of college. When it comes to social stress, students worry about going to parties and talking to friends on social networks and don’t focus so much on school or work. I’ve read an article on saying that being constantly connected through social media could increase stress, weaken personal relationships and cause sleep loss. Students are too busy worrying about what their friends are doing because they don’t want to lose them. Without friends they’ll feel...
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