Stress of City Dwellers

Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: May 11, 2013
City dwellers of rising number fall into the trouble of psychological disorders due primarily to pressures in motley aspects, such as tough work schedules, expensive education tuition, complicated interpersonal contracts. Hereby, the key to ease this situation is alleviation of pressures. City dwellers should find out a balanced point between themselves and their surrounding areas. Fast pace of lifestyles keeps out of appropriate relaxation of themselves. Human beings biologically consist of sophisticated parts, which obey certain rules for restoration of cells. Extra work at night violate the normal rules above so that people work efficiently with fatigue. Therefore, city dwellers should be in good health with the aid of regular exercises, nutritious diet. Besides, an optimistic attitude could be a useful weapon to protect oneself from psychological disorders. Not only can city residents themselves make an effort but local medical institutes could launch some charge-free psychological consultation and simultaneously offer favorable discounts of related medicines, which cannot come into force without the financial support from government. However, people who suffer from psychological disorders may feel ashamed to let others know in case of being laughed at. The fact is that psychological disorders are not somewhat big matters unless you turn blind eyes to them and let them alone. In this aspect, medium could make use of its advantages to inform the mass an objective attitude toward psychological diseases and to encourage them to see doctors. Last but not least, it’s widely acknowledged that severe competition from the work is the leading factor, worsening psychological disorders. Pressures from severe competition whenever it can touch upon including school, companies, and even family members almost drive city dwellers crazy. No such a place can be found out without comparison of students’ marks, husbands’ payment, worker’s performance etc. one who falls...
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