Stress of Being Modern Teenager

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: May 28, 2011
Stress of being a modern teenager
Modern teenagers get stressed on a regular basis. Some of this teen stress is caused by the changes that are occurring in their bodies. Reaching puberty can be stressful for many as teenagers. But our modern lifestyle and education system can also be big causes of teen stress. Our school system is a big contributor to teen stress. There's the everyday stress of how friends and classmates perceive us. It doesn't matter to the average teen that everyone who they think is judging them is almost certainly going through the same struggle themselves. At this age, it can often be a case of "everyone else is against me", which can be one of the major causes of teen stress in itself. Then you can add in the pressure of seemingly constant exams and tests. Parents contribute to the stress here by expecting their teen offspring to always perform well in class so that they can get to college and eventually get a high paying job. SATS scores are always being compared and, of course, there is the extra pressure incurred if the scores aren't high enough to get through the next level of education. Is it any wonder that our modern education system is one of the causes of teen stress? The desires of teenagers in this generation are becoming quite expensive for parents themselves to handle. For example desire for blackberry, almost every teenager in this generation has a device that enables communication and black berry messenger is a suitable example. From desire comes want, the sensation of want brings along stress. Stress from the sensation of want arises from incapability. When teenagers cannot obtain their particular want they tend to stress themselves to get it. In the case of blackberry, they would either beg from their parents for a blackberry or work for one. In either case both scenarios causes stress. The factor which counts the most for stress in teens is their personal life issues. This is the key factor that contributes the most...
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