Stress Management Among Working Womens in India

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Stress refers to the pressure and reactions to our environment which results inpsychological and physical reactions. Whilst some stress is good for motivationand increasing efficiency, too much stress can result in negative impacts such asreduced effectiveness and efficiency. More and more people are feeling isolatedand disrespected at work, and this has led to greater occupational stress. Manycompanies have taken to consulting experts and professionals on ways toincrease connectedness and motivation of their employees.Some companies organize parties and make their employees feel valued atwork. These are measures to motivate employees and help them to feel secureat their jobs, translating into greater productivity. However, not all companieshave such measures in place, and some have not gotten it quite right. Hence, itis up to you to make sure that you can cope with stress at your workplace, anduse it to help you work better. Here are 3 simple steps to help you with copingwith stress in the workplace. Step 1: Raising Awareness

Help yourself to identify when you are facing rising levels of stress, tipping thescales from positive to negative. This is important, as being able to identify signsof being stressed can help you to take steps to ensure that your overall quality of life does not drop. If left unacknowledged, the problem will only snowball, leadingto disastrous consequences to your health and overall wellbeing.You can identify if you are feeling stressed by checking if you have any physicalor psychological reactions, such as excessive sweating or heart palpitations, or the onset of headaches, irritability or the need to escape. If you experience anyof these reactions, identify if you are feeling any overwhelming negativeemotions, and if you are constantly worried. Step 2: Identify the Cause

You need to be able to analyze the situation and identify what is causing the risein stress. These stressors can be external and internal. External stressors refer 18...
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