Stress Management

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Stress management
Stress management is a technique to remove stress from life by identifying the factors that cause stress. Stress is a very normal psychological condition of the human mind arising due to unfulfilled expectations. Stress has become a very worldwide poison experienced by employees universally. This is very common in companies where the employer does not give regard to the factors affecting the employee and keeps on pushing him for performance in the job. To find the actual source of stress though may sound easy to find but its not that easy to eliminate. People are constantly worried about meeting the expectations of boss at work, getting close to deadlines, a negative relationship with other employees, and so on (W. Colligan and M. Higgins, 2010).. Therefore stress management is necessary to bring the human mind back on right track so that it can function with its full effectiveness. Stress management is a technique which provides a wide array of options to a stressed individual to rebalance his mind and body. If there is no stress management the mind goes in deep slumber and the body becomes like an atom bomb ready to explode anytime. With increased pressures and stress, an individual may encounter a series of health problems like heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, disturbances in hormonal levels, endocrine problems, and many more (Salami, Ojokuku, and Ilesanmi, 2010). Stress not only affects health of an individual but also affects the relationships in which he is. When a person is in stress he is unaware that his mind and body coordination has been lost and he may utter not so polite words that may distort the relationship forever. Stress related to job affects the individual mentally, physically or psychologically. Mentally stresses at job implies lack of concentration at task assigned, poor decision making, unable to handle pressures, etc. Psychological stress however arises when an employee starts feeling dejected, restless, insignificant and miserable. Physically stressed out implies that the employee is unable to perform because of his ill health (Cooper, O'Driscoll, and J. Dewe, 2001). Generally stress arises when an individual tries to do more than his capacity. It comes automatically when a person is handled responsibility more than he can handle. The body of a stressed individual gives signals that it is in jeopardy (Coetzer and Rothmann, 2006). The heart starts pumping faster, the breathing speeds up, and an instant boost of energy is created that leads to negative repercussions. A light stress is very normal in today’s life. This type of light stress helps the individual to find solution for his problems, to work quickly and effectively in order to meet the deadlines, or win a certain competition. But stress that are long lasting in nature have serious repercussions. It takes a toll on health like encountering sleeping problems, loss of appetite, back pain, headaches like migraines, and a weaker immunity system to exchange blows with illness. Many individuals tend to become temperamental, and at times in severe cases they may end up in depression. The worst affect is on the capability of the individual as his energy to do work deteriorates and on top of it his relations get strained.

To manage stress it is important to understand from where the stress is coming from. What are the reasons that are causing you stress. It is appropriate to keep a stress diary and penning down the reasons that give stress. Maintaining a stress diary helps in understanding the reason of stress and then finding ways to reduce it. This is an age old technique to handle stress in life. In a stress dairy keep penning thoughts regularly so that reasons that repeatedly cause stress can easily be tackled. Meditation is another very good stress management technique that helps in reducing stress. When an employee practices meditation his inner self gets activated and his mind opens. The connection...
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