Stress Management

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Stress Management
Analysis of Some Aspects Related with Women Position in BPO

In this paper, it is attempted to analyze the effect of stress in women working at call centres at Indore and problems faced by them. The attempts are also made to understand the various ways in which they try to eliminate stress from their life. The study is mainly at exploratory level and it throws light on issues such as age, education, motivation, commitment and decision making power and health of those at call centre. It is very essential to manage workplace stress because it affects not only the individual and the organization, but also the society at large. This paper discusses the various reasons for stress and attempts to suggest various approaches to manage it for the betterment of the individual and the organization. Introduction

Digital technology has revolutionized the world as never before. Rapid transformation has taken place in the global scenario. The present era is witnessing a rapid change from an industrial to a knowledge-based global economy. In this era of knowledge, 'Call Centres' serve an integrated factor of communication. The contribution of BPO-Call Centre is significant in terms of income and earnings, growth and employment generation. The Call Centre work force has come to occupy an important role in the Indian economy. A Call Centre has a very pleasant working environment. It is open round the clock as calls keep coming from different parts of the world. Most Call Centers offer customer-related marketing services. There are mainly two types of calls - 'Inbound Calls' and 'Outbound Calls'. Inbound calling is for customer support, where the customer calls to seek answers for his queries. Outbound calling is related to tele-sales, where operators themselves contact the clients. In a business-to-business client-partner business scenario, relationship temperament from business inception to product / service stabilization stage is the driving force to set the rhythm, pace and mood of the business. There is always an essence of stress in any business planning, operation and execution. Stress is a problem in almost all the countries of the world, irrespective of whether the economy is strong or weak. From an individual's point of view, stress is our body's physical, mental and chemical reactions to circumstances that frighten, confuse, endanger or irritate us. If taken positively, stress is a friend that strengthens us for the next encounter, but if, taken negatively, it can have adverse effect on both physical and psychological factors. Stress affects not only the individual but also his/her environment. It has an affect on the individual's family, work and society. As we have seen, positive stress adds anticipation and excitement to life, so our goal should be to learn how to manage it rather than eliminating it. Insufficient stress acts as a depressant and may leave us feeling bored or dejected whereas excessive stress may "tied up in knots". We are all individual creatures with unique requirements, so there is no single level of stress that is optimal for all people. What is distressing to one may be a joy to another. The growth of call centres has been estimated at an annual rate of 15-20 percent, and this growth will continue as corporate organizations all over the world recognize the strategic value of call centres in an e-commerce world. India has been selected as a base for their call centres by many companies because it lies in a time zone that makes it the preferred area. Call centres in India are extremely cost effective because of low salary structure. Mushrooming of call centres all over the country has provided more employment opportunities, but in turn, have increased most of the women employees' family...
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