Stress Management

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The project work entitled, A Stress on stress management with special reference to Infomak Technologies is done to understand the stress management of the Infomak Technologies. The main objective of this study is that to find out the level of job stress of Infomak Technologies Employees. And also objective is that to analyses the role of stress in interpersonal relationship. Primary data is used for analysis, which is gathered using questionnaire, secondary data is also used for the study, which is gathered from websites. Convenience sampling is used while selecting samples for data collection. A sample size of 120 taken out of 210 population of the company. The gathered information is essentially analyzed using simple percentage method and, statistical tools such as Chi Square, Correlation to arrive at a conclusion. From the finding of this study, it is concluded that based on the study, it is concluded that the stress management reduce techniques of the employees in Infomak Technologies is at satisfied level.

| Abstract| |
| List of tables| |
| List of charts| |
1| Introduction| 1-10|
| 1.1 introduction of the study| 1|
| 1.2 statement of the problem| 2|
| 1.3 need of the study| 3|
| 1.4 objectives of the study| 4|
| 1.5 scope of the study| 5|
| 1.6 research methodology| 6|
| 1.7 limitations of the study| 10|
2| Review of literature| 11|
3| Industry Profile and company profile| 15|
4| Data analysis and interpretation| 25|
5| Findings, suggestions, conclusion| 86-90|
| 5.1 findings| 86|
| 5.2 suggestions| 89|
| 5.3 conclusion| 90|
| Appendix| 91|
| Bibliograpy| 95|

4.1| Age of respondents| 25|
4.2| Gender of the respondents| 27|
4.3| Marital Status| 29|
4.4| Qualification of Employees| 31|
4.5| Years Experience of employees| 33|
4.6| Have you completed the assigned task on or before the Deadline.| 35| 4.7| Do you have lack of sleep at Night| 37|
4.8| Do you have any problems in physical manifestation| 39| 4.9| Are you get upset that you are not able to achieve the target| 41| 4.10| Do you have freedom to do your job on your own| 43| 4.11| Are you Requested to perform other person task by your superior| 45| 4.12| Are you felt bad when your boss scolds for minor mistakes| 47| 4.13| If you perform good are you awarded or recognized by the organization.| 49| 4.14| How is your relationship with you colleagues.| 51| 4.15| How is your relationship with your superior| 53|

4.16| How is your relationship with your subordinates.| 55| 4.17| Are you satisfied with the salary| 57|
4.18| If your Salary was insufficient does it affect your output.| 59| 4.19| What type of stress symptoms do you undergo while working in organization.| 61| 4.20| How is your work environment.| 63|

4.21| Do you live with your family| 65|
4.22| What is done by the management to reduce stress| 67| 4.23| Does your company providing any free employee health and counseling service.| 69| 4.24| Do you ever feel that you are in workload or work pressure.| 71| 4.25| Has your company attempting to relieve you job stress or solve the problem causing is| 73| 4.26| Calculation of Coefficient of correlation Relationship between Years of experience and freedom regarding the job| 75| 4.27| calculation of coefficient of correlation relationship between years of experience and relationship with superior| 77| 4.28| calculation of coefficient of correlation relationship between years of experience and feel about work load and work pressure| 79| 4.29| Chi-square test between the relationship with Superior and age Groups| 81| 4.30| Chi- square test between years of experience and problems in physical manifestation| 84|

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