Stress Management

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Introduction to Stress
Stress = When the number of changes is greater than the number of resources to cope. Study itself is potentially very stressful with many different and sometimes conflicting pressures – reading complex technical or theoretical material, writing assignments for deadlines, working part time, having a ‘successful’ social life, family demands perhaps peaking near the exams which themselves explicitly test your performance under pressure by setting strict time conditions and removing potential resources such as books, colleagues, notes etc. Any change or transition, even a welcome one is stressful and study involves lots of transitions in addition to other life events: for example, moving to another country, or another part of the country, meeting new people, different expectations from teachers – and each academic year brings changes – different topics, lecturers, perhaps new housemates – changes which should not be underestimated. Stress is the sum total of all non specific biological phenomenon elicited by adverse external influences. Evolution of stress

The Garden of Eden began as a tranquil stress environment. However when Adam was given the tantalizing chance to eat the forbidden fruit, he was trust into mankind’s first stressful situation. Adam was offered a choice and, as we know, decision-making is the breeding ground for conflict, frustration and distress.

The most commonly accepted definition of stress (mainly attributed to Richard S Lazarus) is that stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that "demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize." In short, it's what we feel when we think we've lost control of events. Stress is an inevitable and unavoidable component of life due to increasing complexities and competitiveness in living standards. Everyone experiences stress, whether it is within the family, business, organization, study, work, or any other social or economical activity. Thus in modern time, stress in general and job stress in particular has become a part of the life and has received considerable attention in recent years. Optimal Level of Stress

Everyone has an ideal level of stress, but it differs from person to person. Basically, if there’s not enough stress then performance may suffer, due to lack of motivation or boredom. However, too much stress results in a drop in performance as a result of stress related problems like inability to concentrate or illness. We must learn to monitor our stress levels, firstly to identify our own optimum level of stress and secondly to learn when we must intervene to increase or decrease our level of stress. This way stress works for us. By managing stress we can improve our quality of life and do a better job, either in academic life or professional life. If stress is not handled properly it can increase the negative consequences for an individual. Signs and Symptoms of stress

People will have their own personal signs or reactions to stress, which they should learn to identify. They generally fall into three categories: physical, cognitive and emotional. Many of these symptoms come and go as a result of short-term stress. However, symptoms that are associated with more long-term, sustained stress can be harmful. Consequences can include fatigue, poor morale and ill health. High levels of...
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