Stress Is Beneficial

Topics: Psychology, Nervous system, Neuron Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Kader KOÇ Evaluation Arguments Due
Advanced Reading &Writing II
Have you ever thought that stress can be beneficial for you? In contrast to its dictionary meaning, stress is a necessity for our health. Researches that have been done so far have proved this thesis. Now it is the time to forget all about the stress. You’ll see that stress is a positive body reaction because of its physical, psychological and mental benefits. Stress has many useful effects on our body. Some people think that stress makes you exhausted and ages you faster than normal. However, according to a research held in America, stress helps you be fresh and cheerful. In contrast to common opinion, stress renews your skin and other cells, which makes you younger and energetic .As a result, we can say that “don’t worry about aging” .All you need is stress. In another research at Stanford University, it is said that stress helps your immune system be stronger. It also speeds up the recovery process. Stress stimulates your cells and makes them faster, so you come over a disease as quickly as possible. For example, stressed people’s cuts recover fast. Stress is helpful for your immune system, because it resists against infections and increases the number of antibodies. The more antibodies you have, the healthier you are. If you are under stress, you are so lucky that you don’t have to wait a longer time to come over an illness. Stressed people’s body cells are always regenerated, so they have bright skin, and no scars. They are always energetic, younger and cheerful. Stress has also an influence on the development of an embryo. According to a study at Baltimore University in ABD, women who have a stressful pregnancy have more developed babies. The babies have also good language learning skills. If you want your baby to be skilled and developed, stress is not bad for you during the pregnancy. No matter what other people think about...
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