Stress in Todays Society

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Stress is a killer. There is doubt that stress can cause health problems. Daily stressors lead into major health problems. Therefore if you can manage your daily stress you can promote a healthier life. The American Medial Association defines stress, as being any disruptions of a person’s mental and physical well being. (4.) My position is that if you balance the stress in your life you can live healthier and prevent certain sicknesses. Not all stress is bad for your body. It is good to have some stress in your life. However, too much stress in your life can be harmful. Stress seems to come mostly from psychological threats instead of physical ones. Stress varies from person to person. For college students time management is a major stressor. (1.) According to the American College Health Association’s survey last year, more than 92 percent of college students occasionally felt overwhelmed by the work required for school. (1.) Stress can be anything that causes change in your life. A new job can be good stress. Being late for an appointment can also be stressful in a bad way. So all the daily stressors can be different from day to day. Losing a job, suffering from martial problems, being angry with a friend or family member, or enduring other traumatic experiences can cause major stress. In one research, for eight nights 1,031 different Americans were called and asked what caused them stress. They were asked their mood and physical symptoms. The answers ranged from kids faltering at school to in-laws needing help. Men’s problem mainly focused on work and women revolved around other people. (2.) The older the person the better they deal with stress. At the ages 25 to 59, women reported stress on 44% of days versus 39% for men. People younger than 40 were most likely to feel strain from arguments and interpersonal tensions. (2.) Stress affects just about all of your body. If a person is stressed out they could experience...
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