Stress in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University

Topics: Education Management Corporation, Management, Employment Pages: 7 (1941 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Stress in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University
Silva B. Adeniyi
B6125 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Argosy University Atlanta
Professor Andrea Banto
February 5, 2012

The purpose of the study is to show the causes of stress in the Argosy University Registrar’s Office. Population used for this study were employees that work in the Registrar’s office, four employees to be exact, answering a questionnaire about what causes each of them stress and other questions related to stress in the workplace. From the research we will see what causes stress in Argosy University Registrar’s office employees and managers, and what is recommended to relieve that stress. Lastly we will look at some stress management techniques.

Stress in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University
History of the Registrar’s Office (Background)
The Registrar’s Office started back in universities during medieval times where parish officials or academic officer announced messages and implemented decrees of the authorities at the University. In the United States, the first Registrar was a member of the faculty that keep academic records part-time, at Harvard College estimated in the 1636. By 1880, the position of Registrar was a full time position in ten percent (10%) of institutions of higher learning, because college enrollment was growing, by 1900 forty-two percent (42%), by 1910 seventy-six percent (76%), by 1920 over ninety percent (90%).

Registrars from 15 colleges gathered in Detroit, Michigan, on August 15, 1920, to form an enduring nationwide symposium that added the office of admissions in 1949, establishing the American Association of Collegiate Registrar’s and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). Supporting the professional Registrar’s with responsibilities, roles and several services are the AACRAO, which is the parent organization (Registrar’s Office, 2009). History of Argosy University – Atlanta

Argosy University is a University that is for profit; it has online classes at Phoenix campus, 19 on-ground campuses at five (5) colleges in 13 states. Argosy is owned by the Education Management Corporation (EDMC). In September of 2001, Argosy University was started by amalgamation of the Medical Institute of Minnesota for medical technology careers for trained associated personnel of healthcare that was founded in 1961, The American School of Professional Psychology established by educators, psychologists, and additional professionals at the beginning of the 1970s, requesting a degree in clinical psychology giving emphasis to instruction and hands-on training above the investigation-oriented (Argosy University, 2012) method of the long-established PhD degree answering the developing wants of the medicinal community, and the University of Sarasota made available degreed programs in education and business for adults that worked combining a mixed format including concentrated study periods on-campus and distance learning for 30 years. Brief Overview of the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University

Argosy University Registrar’s Office provides students with transcripts that are officially certified, academic standing during each term and cumulative GPA for each term. Registrar’s Office assist students with adding, dropping, and swopping courses during enrollment, grade reporting, program withdrawals during each term, official name changes, changes to majors and prerequisite requirements. I work in the Argosy University Registrar’s Office as a student worker. My job is to help students register for classes online through their portal, match students name, degree, and their graduation date with the information on diploma/Petition to Graduate, and Dissertation for Doctorate Students, then I FedEx diploma to student (or check ID when the students pick up diploma). If there is any correction to be made in regard to student’s diploma, I give it to the registrar and tell her what needs to be corrected. I keep a...
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